Casele Micești, Romania



3 Years of Adventure at Adrenalin Park!

14 August 2017|

3 years of adventure at Adrenalin Park! The most beautiful adventure park of Cluj region celebrates 3 years of activity on Satrurday, teh 19th of August 2017. As usual, we celebrate at maximum intensity!


5 January 2017|

Adrenalin Park welcomes you in 2017 with energy and drive for adventure! Along with Runners Club, Rupicapra – the mountain sports association and the title partner - Halcyon Mobile, Adrenalin Park challenges your to take the START of the first trail run competition in Cluj 2017: Făget Winter Tour! See you all on the 28th of January 2017 in front of Adrenalin Park adventure park!


18 December 2016|

Adrenalin Park invites you to offer to your loved ones an unforgettable adventure: tree climbing on canopy courses and flying foxes! Our 14 adventure courses welcomes you to have FUN, live NEW SENSATIONS and try NEW CHALLENGES. Live the adventure with your friends, family and colleagues in the middle of nature!

Discover at Adrenalin Park: the ecologocial solution for wastewater treatment

7 October 2016|

At Adrenalin Park you may discover a lot of elements intended to be environmentally firendly and to naturally integrate the activity in the given landscape. From the organic architecture of the chalet, up to the educational games about the local flora and fauna or the daily maintenance systems, Adrenalin Park's philosophy is to educate by example and good practice.

2 years of Adrenalin Park! Fun on high rope adventure courses!

11 August 2016|

Adrenalin Park – the most beautiful adventure park in Cluj area celebrates 2 years of adventure, on Monday, the 15th of August 2016! We celebrate with intense sports activity! The day’s activities include: climbing contests for adults and juniors, treasure hunt for kids and 2 surprise raffles for everybody! Since in 2016 we have launched a new and more difficult adventure course we invite all tree climbing fans to join the special contests: Adrenalin Overdose, Extreme and Adrenalin!

15th of May – Family Day at Adrenalin Park

13 May 2016|

Even if at Adrenalin Park we celebrate daily the family and its importance, we also want to mark in our calendar the 15th of May as the officially recognized International Family Day.

Adventure PASS at Adrenalin Park – The Ideal Winter Gift!

18 December 2015|

Surprise your loved ones and offer un escape in the adventure park near Cluj-Napoca, in Feleacu, Casele Micești! You may proceed with the classic booking or you can offer this experiuence as a cute gift: Adrenalin Park ADVENTURE PASS!

Adventure in Winter Time: Recommendations

26 November 2015|

Winter at Adrenalin Park is an adventure by itself! Winter sun, trees covered by snow, icy smell – all together give a special charm to Făget woods from Feleacu massif. Each season has its own beauty! The proper clothing and equipment ensures the comfort for any outdoor activity. Adrenalin Park is an ideal location for going out with family and friends, even during winter time!

Winter Adventure: Boost Your Adrenaline to The Max!

24 November 2015|

Winter is coming! … Yet our adventure spirit did not freeze! We live the adventure and sweat on the high rope aerial courses in Adrenalin Park! In the move, the cold sensations disappear, the forest becomes friendlier, and the suspended obstacles challenge us!

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