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Adrenalin Park promotes a healthy lifestyle for all ages. In respect of family values and in a desire to create a space where kids can feel at ease and learn new skills, we have designed multiple adventure courses only for kids.

In Adrenalin Park Feleacu – adventure park:

1. Course nr. 2: Lady Bug /(Kids & Juniors < 140 cm, beginner level), Length:21.40 m, Games: 4
2. Course nr. 3: Marten / (Kids & Juniors < 140 cm, middle level I), Length:101.30 m, Games: 10
3. Course nr. 4: Dragon / (Kids & Juniors < 140 cm, Kids & Juniors II), Length:95.20 m, Games: 10

Special Activities

Birthday Parties: Celebrate your child’s special day in a unique setting. His or her special guests will enjoy the Kids Courses and remember this day as a truly special one!

Season Parties: Enjoy the special events across the year – like Kids’ Day, 1st of May, Fathers and Mother’s Day and many more – out in the forest. The diversity of the adventure courses will amaze everybody!

Themed Events: Should you plan a group event with your kinder garden, primary or secondary school pupils, Adrenalin Park is a funny and instructive option. Not only the children will enjoy the rope courses, but we can also give a special theme to each event.

Kids Games: In the park we can organize special games that involve the use of aerial courses: team contests, treasure hunt, basic orientation and overcoming obstacles.

Family Days: Cherish the moments you spend with your loved ones and offer them memorable experiences! Book a family day in the adventure park and spend happy times together!