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Rates at ADRENALIN PARK FELEACU are set for a pre-established time of activity and include all the mandatory equipment: safety helmet, climbing  harness with carabineers and pulley system.

Category Acces Rate / 2h Extra Hour

Adventure (2h) +

Climbing Wall/Tree (30′)


(3 h)

(Adventure 2 h + climbing wall 30′ + climbing tree 30′)

Adults 45 lei 18 lei 60 lei 80 lei
Pupils / Students / Seniors 40 lei 15 lei 55 lei 75 lei
Children (under 140 cm) 35 lei 13 lei 50 lei 70 lei
Family Tickets (2 adults + 2 children) 130 lei 50 lei 170 lei 200 lei
Partners or / and Supervisors 5 lei  –  –  –

Climbing Wall or Tree

(recommended for groups)

25 lei / 30 min  –  –  –


  • The prices are per person, except the special Family ticket and the climbing wall and tree tickets.
  • The Family tickets will be issued for families formed of 2 adults and 2 children.
  • If there are more than 2 kids per family, for the rest the ticket will cost 25 lei/child.
  • Pupils, students and seniors have a special discount.
  • The discounts will be allowed only when you present a pupil, student or retired person card.
  • No extra discounts will be applied over the existing discounts, per category.
  • The prices include 5% VAT.
  • The prices are expressed in LEI (RON) and they represent the fee for 2 hours of adventure in the adventure park.
  • The prices may be regularly adjusted according to the national and international economical context.
  • The prices from the Adult category are available for groups smaller than 10 persons. Groups may have special discounts only when they are larger than 10 members.
  • Partners and supervisor are persons that supervise or look over children, pupils and other public categories on the rope courses.  
  • Partners and supervisor ought to wear protection equipment (helmet).
  • We recommend to wear protective gloves on some rope courses. You can buy gloves (different sizes, different types) also in the park.
  • For groups larger than 10 persons, we recommend to make a booking in advance.  


ADRENALIN PARK  MULTIPLE PASSES are set for 10 sessions of 2 hours and include all the necessary equipment: safety helmet, harness with safety carabineers and pulley.  


Category Rate/Multipass for 10 sessions of 2h
Adults multipass 405 lei
Kids & Juniors multipass (> 140 cm)  360 lei
Kids & Juniors multipass (< 140 cm)  315 lei
Family multipass (2 adults + 2 kids) 1170 lei
  • The rates are expressed per multipass.
  • The family multipass is issued for families of 2 adults and 2 kids. If there are more than 2 kids in a family, additional individual kids multipasses will be paid for them.
  • Kids and juniors, pupils and students, seniors have special discounted rates .
  • No extra discounts will be applied over the existing discounts. The multipass itself is already a discounted offer.
  • The multipass rates already include 19% VAT.
  • Multipass rates are expressed in lei and stand for 10 sessions of 2 hours in the adventure park. 
  • The multipass rates may be regularly adjusted according to the national and international economical context.


For a better adventure experience we recommend to wear protective gloves:

Category Price/pair
Technical Gloves 30 lei
Disposable Gloves 5 lei
    • Prices are expressed in lei and inlude 19% VAT
    • Technical gloves are available in multiple sizes for kids and adults.
    • Disposable gloves are available in only one size.



One of the most loved souvenirs is the Adrenalin Park T-shirt.

As a nice surprise for friends and loved ones, you may offer a tree climbing adventure session or a multiple pass and a cool T-Shirt:

Category Price/unit
Adrenalin Park T-shirt (kids / adults , in different sizes) 25 lei
Adrenalin Park Carabineer keychain  (with bottle opener) 9 lei
Adventure session (2 or 3 hours) from 35 to 45 lei  / 2h session 




from 48 to 63 lei / 3 h session

    • Prices are expressed in lei
    • T-shirts are available in different sizes for kids and adults
    • GIFT Adventure Session may be purchased at the Reception or online and you will receive an elegant envelope with a  nice printed invitation that you can offer to your friends and loved ones.