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Safety Rules on the Adventure Courses (Aerial Courses)

  • The access on the adventure course is allowed only when the adventure park monitors permit it!
  • Guests must avoid having the safety wire under the armpits!
  • Do not twist the lanyards around your hand!
  • Always keep an eye on the lanyards so that they do not twist or mess itself up!
  • Always keep an eye on the safety carabineers so that the progression lanyards do not twist and the auto lock systems are always locked.
  • Before descending on a Tyrolean traverse, make sure that the safety carabineers are locked and positioned on the pulley’s steel shell.
  • On the Tyrolean traverse, one can start its descent only after making sure that the route is free.
  • Jumping on a Tyrolean traverse is strictly forbidden!
  • While on the Tyrolean traverse one can grip the lanyard or the pulley’s shell. Holding the wire in front of the pulley is strictly forbidden!
  • While descending on the Tyrolean traverse, the correct body position is slightly bended on the back, with the feet in front, in order to avoid any friction against the steel wire.
  • When the pulley is not needed on the course, it should be attached to the harness with its carabineer.
  • Jumping off the platform and over the safety wire is strictly forbidden!
  • Guests can go on the adventure courses, on their own responsibility, only after having successfully finished the initiation route.
  • Guests can climb on the climbing wall and on the climbing tree only under the supervision and being belayed by a park monitor. 
  • Guests must always respect safety rules, especially to make sure they are always safe with their safety carabineers locked on the safety wire (marked in green).
  • On a rope course segment (between two tree platforms) only one person may go at one time, while on the platform max. 3 persons may station at once. The safety distance must always be respected.
  • For your own safety, always check the equipment and the safety tools before going on the rope courses.


Group Events Rules (Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Other)

  • The standard access time on the adventure courses: 2 hours (calculated since the moment that the equipment has been handed over to the customer until its return).
  • Non-returning the equipment in 2 hours equals adventure time extension, calculated at the extra hour rate per category.
  • After having gone through the adventure courses, all guests are required to head towards the equipment put on/take off area where they will be helped to unclothe the harness by our operators and will return the equipment set. Taking off the equipment in other areas than the special designated are is strictly forbidden! Only after taking off the equipment you may eat food stuff agreed beforehand. (Homemade or catering).
  • Food consumption while wearing the equipment is strictly forbidden.
  • Hydration is allowed only from unbreakable recipients. Glass recipients are strictly forbidden while being on the adventure course.
  • For groups that have acquired the anniversary package, inactive stay in the adventure park is allowed at the dedicated tables and areas, in order to have their tasty bytes as previously agreed.
  • If you wish to prolong your stay in the park in addition to the 2 hours of adventure and 2 hours of inactive stay, a minimum tax of 5 lei / hour / person will be charged.
  • Among the adventure courses, wearing the protection helmet is mandatory. All guests categories – tree climbers, partners/tutors and simple visitors – must wear the protection helmet. The rental of the helmet costs 5 lei/helmet and is due at the entrance in the adventure park.
  • Our guests’ safety is top priority. We kindly ask you to read the equipment use rules, be considerate towards the adventure park operators’ recommendations, and inform the staff if you notice anything that could affect the overall safety in the park.
  • Objects that may affect climbers’ and guests’ safety are strictly forbidden! In this category we include: petards, fireworks, confetti, etc.
  • Keeping clean the adventure park is mandatory. Please do not throw paper, plastic recipients, diverse packings and waste among the adventure courses and the alleys. Try using in a correct manner the selective waste collection bins.
  • The correct usage of the park’s objects and furniture is mandatory. Do not put your feet and do not climb on the tables; do not throw yourselves in the hammocks; do not overpass the maximum allowed weight per hammock / platform / bench.
  • Please consider our staff’s recommendations, observations and warnings. Please guide your children and kids to respect the park’s rules and to pay attention to the staff’s observations and warnings.
  • In respect for Nature and other guests, party props such as confetti or baloons are NOT ALLOWED in the adventure park!
  • Warning! Should you repeatedly disrespect the RULES and the instructiuons or the recommendations formulated by the operators, the staff is authorized to ask you to take off the equipment and to leave the adventure park.